Jennifer Nettles and long-term boyfriend Justin Miller were married over Thanksgiving weekend near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The ceremony took place at sunset and was attended by close friends of the couple, including Nettles’s bandmate, Kristian Bush.

Nettles is undoubtedly happy in her newly-found married bliss, despite the lawsuit placed against Sugarland earlier this month. During the Indiana State Fair, a stage set up for a Sugarland performance collapsed after being hit by a 60-mph gust of wind, killing 6 and injuring 40 others. The survivors have placed the lawsuit against Sugarland and the stage crew involved with the setting up for the event, saying that the accident could have been avoided. Sugarland had not taken the stage yet when the misfortune occurred.

Nettles, one half of the country music duo Sugarland, and Miller, a former model, had been dating for more than two years before Friday. Miller once said of Nettles that she is the kind of girl “you have crushes on growing up”. The couple is presumed to be delaying their honeymoon plans until after Sugarland performs at the Grammy Nomination Concert on Wednesday and hosts the CMA Christmas Special on Thursday.

Miller can be seen in an appearance he made in Sugarland’s music video for the 2006 single, “Want To.”

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