Cats, first love, and some puzzle cubes are all part of this week’s batch of mobile gems. Look below for our pick of the best titles you should download.

Death Squared ($6.99)

Whether you play it alone or share a device with a buddy, Death Squared’s devilish puzzles will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Each level requires you to move a number of blocks to their designated spot. Getting there, however, is the challenge as you’ll be faced with traps, tricky directional changes, and platforms that move in different patterns. What’s more, witty voiceovers make your progress all the more fun.

Flo Game (Free)

Simple, yet challenging to master, Flo is an arcade game has you playing with gravity in an effort to outrun a miasma of darkness chasing after you. Simply tap to travel below the horizon line to pick up speed as you roll down or tap again and travel above it to go faster when rolling up. You will need to go back and forth wisely to ensure you get enough speed to avoid slowing down on the slopes you’ll run into.

Seaport – Build and Prosper! (Free)

Take to the seas in this port simulation game that lets you manage your own transporting business. Develop your manufacturing plants to increase your resources and send your ships on missions to collect gold and even more treasures. You can also trade with other players and explore uncharted lands opening up new missions, events, and fleets to unlock.

Florence ($2.99)

Florence is an interacive storybook that tells the story of Florence and the man she meets that rescues her from her daily doldrums. They will go on dates, spend time together, and even argue about their differences and you’ll join them by figuring out mini-games that let you progress through each vignette. Quite the adorable love story, Florence is sure to tug at your heartstrings with each puzzle you solve.

Cmnd/ctrl (Free)

This arcade shooter tests your reflexes as you control a ship flying through blocks it needs to shoot down. Each block has a number on it indicating how many shots it takes to blow it up so you’ll need to maneuver wisely or else crash and burn. Power-ups can help along the way and all the money you get from the blocks you destroy can be used to purchase even better ships!

Rocket Soccer Derby (Free)

Much like Rocket League, Rocket Soccer Derby blends the action of a soccer game with the speed of racing in a derby. Take on other players around the world in live multiplayer matches or practice with bots before you compete with the big leagues. Customize your cars and enjoy the sky-high car physics as you bump and speed your way to the gold.


Cat Condo (Free)

Casual, charming, and a must for cat lovers, Cat Condo is a clicker that makes taking care of cats as easy as tapping your screen. Each time you get a new cat, you can combine it with another similar breed to get a new one and so on. The game challenges you to unlock every cat you can while also making money to upgrade your condo and increase your space for even more feline companions.

Super Kung Fu All-Star ($3.99)

Dive into a martial arts film in this stylish brawler that follows the stars from classic kung fu films fighting against evil forces. Each fighter has his or her own unique blend of combos and attacks and you’ll need to master them all as you face off against formidable bosses and an onslaught of enemies through various action-packed chapters.

Purrfect Date ($4.99)

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to date a cat, Purrfect Date will answer all your questions and then some. Your adventures in feline dating begin when you start working for a scientist on a remote island inhabited by cats and realize there’s some mysteries to uncover. Each day you can choose to explore your surroundings, befriend the locals, or romance the cats you meet. Funny dialogue and an engaging story will keep you hooked until the very end.

Flippy (Free)

Flippy is a fast-paced runner that challenges you to run for as long as you can. Tap to flip your runners to the other side of their path to avoid traps and to pick up collectibles along the way. Power-ups will make you invincible for a short-while, but the game will get faster the longer you last and the more runners you pass along the way.

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