Blobs, cats, and Chocobos await you in this week’s batch of mobile games. Here’s our pick for the best of this week!

Dandara ($14.99)

Dandara pays homage to Metroidvania games of the past but it delivers plenty of new surprises along the way that makes it worth the investment. Its gorgeous environments are just waiting to be saved and explored by the game’s brave heroine, but you’ll need to remember them as you’ll be returning to certain areas once you increase your arsenal of abilities. It’s a game with classic roots, but its stylish and impressive offerings make it a game to own.

Simon’s Cat Dash (Free)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Simon’s Cat Dash follows the chubby white cat on a quest to gather butterflies to impress his beloved Chloe. Sure it’s another side-scrolling endless runner, but its beautifully drawn worlds and extra challenges during your runs make this a casual game you should get. Plenty of unlockables, costumes, and cameos are in store for everyone, fans of the show or not.

Just Slide (Free)

Sliding a blob around a screen sounds simple, but throw in some traps, homing blasts, and other dangers and it gets a lot more challenging—and fun! Just Slide requires you to move your fingers and change the angle of the platform your hero is on to have him avoid traps and collect fragments in each level. You can also see how long you last in Endless mode or fight bosses in some imaginative ways.

Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter ($2.99)

Dig Dog is brutal roguelike that you just want to keep playing over and over again. Levels require you to hunt down a bone while avoiding traps and baddies all coming at you. There’s depth in each level as you need to plan ahead to avoid dying, but you will die a lot which is totally fine considering how quickly a new level pops up right after. A catchy bit tunes soundtrack also makes digging quite the smooth experience.

Torto Turtle (Free)

Torto Turtle challenges your vocabulary skills in each level it throws your way. Use up enough letters to meet each level’s requirement or race against the clock and see how many new words you can spell with the letters you are given. Similar to Candy Crush, things get more difficult and you’ll soon discover coming up with words also requires some planning to maximize your score each turn.

The X-Files: Deep State (Free)

The truth is out there so as a rookie detective, you’ll need to investigate the scenes you encounter for clues and discover what strange supernatural forces are behind each one. More than a hidden object game, you’ll also need to interrogate witnesses and make tough final decisions in each case. Fans of the series will appreciate the subtle references here and there, and everyone else will enjoy the game’s impressive story and gameplay.

Ink or Swim (Free)

Simple and yet quite addictive, Ink or Swim wants you to swim as far as you can as a squid. Tap left or right to propel him upwards, but avoid any dangerous sea creatures and traps or your swim is over. You can also pick up golden clams to unlock even more underwater worlds, each with its own unique flair. A catchy soundtrack will also make you want to come back for more!

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Free)

Ditch the console version of Final Fantasy XV and play this compact and quite adorable-looking Pocket Edition instead. Follow Noctis and his pals through 10 chapters each giving you enough action and dialogue to rival the original. It may be a tad more linear and give you fewer areas to explore, but this is one RPG you want to take with you.

StrikeMaster Bowling (Free)

Take to the lanes in Strike Master Bowling, a colorful and engaging arcade title that features plenty to do. Play through tournaments against AI or other players around the world and see who has the better wrist. Or, you can take on challenges and test your skills under certain restrictions. What’s more, its one-swipe controls make the game easy to pick up but a blast to master.

Caravan Wars (Free)

Caravan Wars combines both city-building with tower-defense gameplay to provide an easy to pick up experience that grows at your own pace. Take on battles and position your troops wisely to defeat incoming enemies. At the same time, you’ll also be growing your city and forging your heroes to make them even stronger when you take enemies and players around the world. After all, it’s war.

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