Lost fans rejoice! Carlton Cuse and Josh Holloway have returned with a new series entitled Colony premiering January 14, 2016 on USA Network. With co-executive producer Ryan Condal and co-star Sarah Wayne Callies part of the team, Colony promises to provide an intriguing backdrop for viewers to ask themselves very real questions about family and loyalty.

Colony focuses on former FBI agent Will Bowman (Holloway) and his wife Katie (Callies) struggling to reunite with their son in a newly occupied Los Angeles.  The recent occupation of the city by outside intruders has forced the citizens to choose between collaborating with the new power and reaping the benefits or rebelling against the authority and risking their lives. The story centers on Will working to reunite his family after the invasion separates him and his wife from their son.

On Friday, Cuse, Condal and Holloway presented the first episode of the show to fans at New York Comic Con and then answered questions from members of the press.

Cuse and Condal drew inspiration for the series from the Nazi occupation of Europe during World War II. The duo was fascinated by the actions and stories of the lesser-known villains, the collaborators. As Condal told the press, “There was a rich place for storytelling in exploring how a person could turn against his own neighbor so quickly.”

What separates Colony from other shows on television is the combination of the sci-fi element with the real human interactions and choices. While there is this “other” entity, the characters within this world face difficult decisions that will force viewers to question their own morals. Holloway loved the idea of a show asking the truly uncomfortable questions and making fans really think about their own loyalties.

“This is a very real story. What would you do if they had your family there to hang or burn or be sent to a concentration camp? What decisions would you make if you were put in that situation? Who comes first, your family or humanity?”

While Colony tells a very different story than Lost, both boast the creative talents of Cuse. It has been five years since the show ended, but the love for Lost is still as strong as ever. However, the series finale received mixed reviews, as each viewer had their own opinions on the way things should have ended. Nevertheless, Cuse has always accepted that he can’t please everyone and only focuses on creating a great story.

“I was very reconciled to the fact that it would be great for some people and wouldn’t work for other people and that’s fine. We live in a time when so much emphasis is put on how things end. I think that’s not the real criteria by which something should be judged. There were 121 hours of Lost and hopefully it was an enjoyable and entertaining journey.”

Colony marks the first reunification of Holloway and Cuse since Lost. This reunion brings Holloway back into the unknown once again, but he is glad to be a part of the mystery.

“I love a story when the audience knows as much about what is going on as the characters and it’s a slow reveal of the mysteries that are happening. You take the ride with me.”

Watch the first episode of Colony on USA Network on January 14 and watch the trailer at www.colonytv.com.

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