BMW has built their cars to reflect a sort of utilitarian vehicle, cars that have different conceptual elements that all work together to create a tantalizing effect. All these different aspects are thrown together to make a truly amazing automobile experience. Over the years, they have put beauty, speed, handling, practicality, and safety to the test in various models, and have been able to combine these aspects to make some truly remarkable cars.

BMW has been building cars since 1928, and have been quite a successful brand name ever since. This is due to their profound ability to look at their consumers through a scope to determine what they want.

Let’s look at some of the products of BMW ingenuity.

  1. M1

In 1978, BMW found that the world of supercars was growing wildly popular. They knew that they needed to create something for the BMW fans that would satiate their appetites for a supercar. Thus, BMW teamed up with Lamborghini to create the legendary BMW M1. This car was the culmination of beauty, speed, and handling and was built to be a true driver’s car. The twin-cam 6-cylinder engine pushed out 273hp. This may not sound like a lot to our ears today, but BMW made a turbocharged version that cranked out a whopping 850hp! Now that is supercar power.

  1. Z3

With the noticeable popularity of new Japanese roadsters, BMW knew that they needed to produce something that would fulfill a real driver’s need for speed, but also give them a better driving experience than their Japanese competitors could offer. Being an extremely popular car, the Mazda Miata was taking the world by storm.

BMW responded to that by creating the highly regarded BMW Z3. This little roadster has been revered as one of the best looking roadsters to ever be produced. When production was announced in 1996, 15,000 Z3s were purchased even before they had been released for sale! This awesome roadster grew such popularity that BMW even designed different versions of it to fit the desires of all sorts of drivers. Because of that, BMW performance parts fly off the shelf and into the hands of Z Series owners across the world, who aspire to build their cars just like the race versions they see at the track.

  1. X5

Understanding that BMW’s consumer base was reaching far beyond the aspiring racer, they decided to construct a new vehicle which would combine drivability, luxury, and practicality all into one. The result was BMW’s first SUV. The X5 was met with rave reviews, and a huge success rate. Built on the same basis as the Land Rovers of the time, BMW was able to offer the same quality that the people were used to. They added to this a family-convenient vehicle. This car is still produced today, and has even kicked off a full line of X Series SUVs for people to choose from.

If you look back on BMW’s track record with their consumers, there aren’t too many spaces in time that you will find BMW at the short end of the stick. They have maintained such a good name for one reason and one reason only: BMW coincides with quality. They always have and always will. That’s why people will never stop buying this amazing manufacturer’s vehicles.

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