529718_586742528020179_751501235_n The Pontiac Trans-Am is one of the most recognizable muscle cars of all time.  I am a muscle car guy and am a sucker for a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 a.k.a “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds.  If I could choose any car to have, it would be Eleanor.  But my favorite car of my generation is a 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am WS6 in Sunset Orange Metallic.  Always has been.  I have wanted one of these ever since high school, and I can guarantee you that this will be the next car I buy.

A New Trans-Am? Yes please!2002 Pontiac Trans-Am WS6 in Sunset Orange Metallic

We were car guys in high school, and usually spent Friday nights wrenching on something or went out cruising.  One of the older guys we hung with had a black WS6 that was awesome.  This kid beat the living snot out of this car, and made route 28 his personal drag strip.  It was awesome.  He eventually wrapped the thing around a tree and walked away with a few scrapes.  After some searching, he found another black one.  I haven’t talked to the guy in years but rumor has it that he has a silver one now.  Long live the bird.

The Trans-Am, along with the Camaro, were killed off in 2002.  The Camaro did come back to life in 2010 but the Trans-Am was gone for good.  Pontiac died in 2010 due to financial issues that we are well familiar with.  So that leaves Trans-Am guys out of luck.  Camaro guys get their car back, but Trans-Am guys (like me) are left to weep.  Not so fast…  Ever hear of the Trans-Am Depot?  Bet you haven’t.

The Trans-Am Depot was founded by brothers Ted and Scott Warmack along with Jim Dowling.  These guys work alongside designer Kevin Morgan and what they do is transform a new Camaro into a “new” Trans-Am.  They did it right and got a license to use the Trans-Am name, and have also partnered with Hurst to create a Hurst Edition Trans-Am.

I literally had a heart attack when I found out about the Depot, and have to say that these guys do an unreal job at keeping the Trans-Am alive.  Check them out here for more info.

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