This week’s batch of games is quite hefty and definitely has a sports theme to it that spans various platforms, but classic games from yesteryear make the cut too!

3DS eShop
Akari by Nikoli (Hamster Corporation, $4.99)

“Akari” is a puzzle in which you set lights based on the hint numbers in order to light up the entirety of the white space. Think of it as a variation of Sudoku.

Family Tennis 3D (ARC System Works, $6.99)

If Mario Tennis Open is a bit too much for you to handle, why not take tennis in smaller bursts with Family Tennis 3D? The game features tournament modes and plenty of minigames to keep you busy.

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, $4.99)

Once a Nintendo Ambassador-only game, the classic NES adventure game is now available for everyone to enjoy. Just don’t forget to take your sword.

NES Open Tournament Golf (Nintendo, $4.99)

Another Ambassador-only game, this NES sports title was one of the first golf games Nintendo released. 8-bit birdies have never looked so good.

Heroes of Ruin (Square Enix, DEMO)

Choose from either the Gunslinger or Vindicator class and enjoy a quick demo of Square Enix’s upcoming dungeon crawler. Read our preview of the game and get ready for when Heroes of Ruin comes out later this month!

Topoloco (Abstraction Games, $4.99/500 pts)

Join Professor Topoloco as he teaches you and then quizzes you on various continents, maps, and world geography. When was the last time you had fun reading an atlas?

3, 2, 1…WordsUp! (EnjoyUp! Games, $1.99/200 pts)

Think of this as a variation of Boggle as you race against the clock and come up with words from a set of scrambled letters on screen.

Let’s Create! Pottery (Infinite Dreams Inc., 500 pts)

Avoid the hassle of finding a pottery studio and the mess that comes with molding clay and play this game instead. Just don’t spin the turntable too fast…

2020 Super Baseball (D4 Enterprise, 900 pts)

We’re not in 2020 yet, but that didn’t stop this game from coming out on the Neo Geo back in 1991. Now, you can play a futuristic baseball game in the year 2012. Talk about time travel.

Game of the Weekend
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword (Nintendo, $4.99)

Take advantage of this weekend’s sale of one of Nintendo’s most charming eShop releases that lets you wield your stylus like a samurai sword. Act quick as this sale ends 9 PM. Pacific time this Sunday.

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