Do you have a few games on your list that you just can’t wait to play? Maybe you’ve also been waiting for them to go down in price a little?

Today Amazon announced a possible solution to your dilemma. Amazon’s Spring Sale begins today and runs through April 15. The sale gives customers exclusive deals on nearly 500 downloadable games including Mass Effect 3, The Darkness II, and Major League Baseball 2K12.

Here’s a short list of what’s available until April 15.

o   All Serious Sam Titles:                     70% off

o   Mass Effect 3:                                          $49.99   (regularly priced at approximately $60.00)

o   Call of Duty:                                             $29.99   (regularly priced at approximately $40.00)

o   Darkness II:                                             $12.49   (regularly priced at approximately $50.00)

o   Kingdoms of Amalur:                        $39.99   (regularly priced at approximately $60.00)

o   Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition + Dragon Age 2 (two games): $9.99 (regularly priced at approximately $35.00 for both games)

o   Major League Baseball 2K12:        $19.99   (regularly priced at approximately $30.00)

o   L.A. Noire:                                                  $4.99     (regularly priced at approximately $25.00)

o   Grand Theft Auto IV                          $4.99     (regularly priced at approximately $19.00)

The sale also includes price cuts to console versions of recent hits, so even if you’re not a PC gamer, you should still check it out.

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