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There was a time when cocktails weren’t trendy, but classic. For most of Boston, that time has passed, but for Elm Street’s clandestine Saloon, that time is now. Upon walking into Somerville’s newest basement joint, one anticipates the impressive atmosphere and bar menu. To our surprise, it was the soundtrack that proved immediately impressive. The sound of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris affirmed our suspicions that good things were to come.

And come, they did, in the form of the bright green Nay Sayer cocktail ($10), remarkably complex fried pickled peppers ($9) and a savory steak and kidney pie ($26). As a cocktail, the Nay Sayer is bad for you while tasting very, very good. Indeed, the shot of wheatgrass included in the whiskey and ginger beer mix makes the concoction feel almost healthful.

The wine list is slightly narrow-minded, obviously aiming to please to masses, but the cocktails easy compensate for this. The Ward 44 ($10) is the alcoholic answer to smoky, chocolate covered bacon, and the Corpse Reviver no. 2 ($10) provides tart, absinthe laced refreshment.

Where food is concerned, the deep fried pickled peppers stuffed with Boursin cheese reign over all other appetizers. The steak and kidney pie earned accolades from a native Brit, as well as this reporter and her companion. The savory filling and delightfully rich crust allow one to forget, and even embrace, the fact that it is cold outside.

A reported favorite of Davis Square’s “Slutcracker “cast, Saloon is not to be missed. Whether you crave brown walls, brown gravy, or brown liquor, it is sure to satisfy.

Saloon, 255 Elm St, Somerville; 617-628-4444; www.saloondavis.com

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