OAKLAND, Calif. — Queron Foreman, the third suspect in the shooting that took place outside of a San Leandro Walmart on November 25th, was arrested earlier today after his mother turned him into the police according to MercuryNews.com. The 18-year-old, a resident of Oakland, is the alleged driver of the suspect vehicle that was connected to the Black Friday incident.

Foreman’s arrest at approximately noon today makes the fourth arrest in this case. Detwone Watson, the alleged shooter, was arrested on Thursday after a six hour standoff with police. Tony Phillips, an accomplice in the attempted robbery that followed the shooting, was arrested within hours of the incident after he had been physically detained by the victim’s family. According to the San Francisco Examiner another suspect, 16 and a resident of Oakland, was also arrested but released after questioning.

The SGV Tribune reports that the suspects allegedly attempted to rob victims Christopher, Rafael, and Javier Murillo. The suspects demanded jewelry and money, and the three victims cooperated by giving them $5, police said. When Phillips attempted to take the gold necklace that Rafael was wearing, a fight begun. It was then that Watson allegedly shot Christopher Murillo in the neck.

Phillips and Watson have been charged by Alameda County prosecutors with attempted murder, robbery and attempted robbery. Authorities stated that Foreman is likely to face similar charges.

Police Sgt. Mike Sobek reported that Murillo was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is currently recovering at home.

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