Two strippers were arrested in Brookline on Monday after allegedly robbing three men.

The men reported to police that they had requested two female escorts to perform a strip show for them from

The men realized that the strippers, Catriona Kaye, 29, of Mattapan, and Sheila Estrada, 29, of Dorchester, were not who they had requested when the women arrived at the Freeman Street apartment early Monday morning. They argued with the strippers because of the discrepancy, according to police.

Kaye then allegedly hit one of the men in the face and took $800 from his hand. She put the money in her bra, and when one of the men tried to retrieve it, Estrada pushed him away.

Police arrived at the scene at 4:23 a.m. and found the women at a convenience store on Park Drive, along with a man, Dana Roberts, 35, who was driving them in a Mercedes.

The women were arrested on charges of robbery and Roberts was arrested on a warrant for a traffic violation and operating a vehicle with a revoked license.

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  1. Bangalore Girl

    this should be done, we have to oppose any unethical activity going around the city. This is a great step. People should also have more responsible for that.


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