If any of you faithful Blast readers just came into a ton of money, say you won the lottery, or a dear old lost relative passed away, and are looking for a noble cause to spend it on, just a heads up; Tim Schaefer is looking for someone to foot the bill to make Psychonauts 2.

In an interview with magazine PSM3, the developer and Double Fine founder sad that he’s ready to start work on a sequel to the cult favorite platformer, but is running into a few issues.

“I’m ready to do it. I’d love to do it. It’s really a question of getting a publisher who’s interested in doing it,” said Schaefer, who also commented on how the title has seen so much life after its initial release.

“Over the years it’s gotten into the hands of a lot of people, through being two dollars on Steam for a while, and being pirated. So it’s gotten out there. So if all these people were going to buy the sequel it would be a big hit,” added Schafer.

You can go ahead and make that check payable to Tim Schaefer. That’s T-I-M S-C…..

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