DALLAS — Former President George W. Bush released his already-controversial memoir, “Decision Points,” Tuesday. He kicked off his book tour close to home at a Dallas, TX Borders bookstore. Bush arrived shortly after 8 a.m. to find fans, many who had been eagerly waiting since the night before to get a chance to greet the former president, and receive a signed copy of his new book.

There were also a fair share of protesters, though, according to Seattle pi. Two unidentified protestors greeted Bush with a large sign that said “Torture is Illegal!” Bush critics have been coming out of the woodwork since news of the contents of his memoir have been released. Some “reaction points” for critics have been Bush’s defense for the war in Iraq and his confession that Kanye West calling him out for his slow response to Hurricane Katrina was the lowest point in his presidency.

Bush has said the book is not a traditional memoir, but an account of key decisions in his life. According to Crown Publishers, “’Decision Points’ will offer gripping, never-before-heard detail.” The book touches on the September 11th attacks, his year 2000 election, his family and his decision to quit drinking.

Bush will give a national tour to promote “Decision Points,” while former First Lady Laura Bush will be preparing to release her memoir on May 4, 2011. You can get a copy of “Decision Points” from Borders for $35. However, for a signed copy, you’ll have to shell out a hefty $350.

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  1. Shannon

    Yes, trying to rewrite history. Not regretful that people died in a unjust war, more concerned about the image of the “Mission Accomplished” statement, not regretful about Katrina, but regretful about “the flyover” photo opt (should’ve had the photo opt on the ground there. Not regretful about anything concerning you, just his image. Amazing. Why read the book? We lived through it and are continuing to feel the effects of all they did in 8 years.


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