After David Arquette’s recent split from wife Courteney Cox, the 39-year-old actor turned to the Howard Stern’s radio show and shared what his romantic life has been up to so far.

Not only did he reveal that he’s slept with not one, but at least two women since his separation, but he confirmed that he and Cox don’t have a prenup.

Two weeks ago, Arquette first called into Howard Stern to confirm that he and Cox had separated, and that he had hooked up with a waitress since.

He said, “I’m pretty sure I’m up sh-t’s creek right now. After the first girl I slept with I was crying. I know that’s not very sexy…what it does lack is that emotional love that I always have with Court.”

Stern suggested David perhaps look towards Courteney’s best friend Jennifer Aniston. Arquette said, “Not right, not good. Cool it. Settle down.”

Arquette said that divying up the two’s assets will be left to their attorneys.

Cox made upwards of $20 million for her last three seasons on Friends, she still makes a lucrative payday from syndications. Some have estimated her fortune at $75-100 million.

Though they announced a separation–it sounds like a divorce could be pending. Since the two have been married more than ten years, if they file in California, Arquette will be entitled to half her assets.

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