What’s one more reason to envy a life of a model with endless perks such as traveling to exotic locations, stupid amounts of money to strut their stems down the runway or sit pretty for hours on end, to die for clothes (and we cannot forget the shoes) but now they are carefully delivered from the white tents in Lincoln Center in either a Cayenne or a Panamera to their very own Smartwater Model Lounge at Gansevoort Park Avenue South? Do I dare ask what it was the models rode in before? Clearly anything else just seems tacky during Fashion Week. I mean these are the Spring and Summer ’11 collections, they cannot arrive in something so last year!

In August, Porsche announced its partnership with the Gansevoort Hotel Group. Through the partnership, Porsche offers the Gansevoort’s guests complimentary in-town car service and VIP airport transportation in a 2011 Porsche Panamera 4S at both the Meatpacking District and Park Avenue South locations.

If the odds you’ll never own a Panamera much less become a runway model, there is always a room at the Gansevoort to indulge your inner Porsche fantasies. Because let’s be honest girls, there isn’t a way to describe how it feels to exit an automobile with such status unless you’ve done it before.

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