Not content with animating a canine alone, Fable III will include an entire menagerie of animals, an artist on the project revealed today.

Lead Artist John McCormack, speaking with Beauty of Games, said the studio is making up for the previous void of environmental animals with Fable III; Going big, instead of going home.

More than just the dog this time around

“The lack of animals in the Fable franchise is always something that has bothered me,” he said. “We’ve built bats, crows, rabbits, ducks, robins, vultures, lizards, rats, butterflies, moths, insect swarms, dogs, fireflies, geese and we even started on a cow [for Fable III].”

Earning The Chicken Kicker achievement in Fable II was rewarding, yes, but knowing I can (hopefully) stomp over a range of animals is even more exciting.

via Joystiq

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  1. Avian

    Actually he said they designed them and everything but he still has no idea if they’ll be in the final product or not


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