Dear Mom,

After all the things you’ve done for me (like paying that credit card I ran up back in my first year of college) I figured I’d do something different this Mother’s Day.

Instead of the usual flowers and a card, I wanted to find you a present that’s both useful and works as a reminder that you’re a hip, cool mom who’s not afraid to crank her iPod — and all that awful, awful music that was popular in the 70s.

So I put some thought into it this year and found five fun tech toys that I think you’ll enjoy. Gadgets aren’t just for Father’s Day, after all.

You know how you’re always concerned about germs and making sure me and my brother wash our hands before every meal? Time to return the nagging — err — favor.

You’ll love the iSkin Microban iPhone and iPod case. ($24.99 to $34.99 at the Apple Store) It’s antimicrobial and prevents the growth of germs and bacteria and can be washed with soap and water.

While we’re on the topic, you’ll also love this iHome iP39 Stainless Steel iPod/iPhone dock. ($99.99) It’s has a built-in kitchen timer, so it’s perfect for jamming out to your Celine Dion songs while waiting for those amazing blueberry muffins you make when I come to visit. I think this one’s a win-win for both of us.

For Christmas, dad bought you that cool, pink digital camera. The CEIVA Pro 80 digital picture frame ($147.99) will let you display all your new digital snapshots. It comes with the "Dazzle Crystal Kit" of Swarovski crystals you can use to decorate the frame anyway you like. I’ll leave that to you, but I’ve already pre-loaded the fame with photos of your two wonderful sons and doting husband.

Now I’ve noticed that you and dad have been stocking the wine rack lately with healthy reds and sweet whites. Take the Skybar Wine Traveler ($19.99) along on your next picnic. It’s insulated and keeps pre-chilled wine at the perfect temperature. The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to lug around to parties and cookouts — like your amazing annual Memorial Day picnic where you and dad spend all day cooking every imaginable dish from smoked ribs to macaroni salad.

Before you go out, I know you like to make sure your hair is done just right. That’s why you’re getting a T3 Giftset. ($200) It comes with the featherweight T3 hair drier with brushes, sectioning clips, and conditioner. The T3 is high-efficiency. It uses very little energy, and its ionic infrared heat will dry your hair 60 percent faster than a normal drier.

The Rundown


The iSkin Microban iPhone cover It’s an iPhone case that protects against germs.

Why: Your mom will appreciate that all those hand-washing lessons have rubbed off on you.


The Skybar Wine Traveler It keeps chilled wine cool for hours so the wine is ready to enjoy when you are. A convenient carrying handle makes it perfect for toting wine to dinner parties, picnics, or evenings out on the town.

Why: Your mom shouldn’t have to drink warm white wine on a hot summer’s day.


The iHome iP39 Stainless Steel iPod/iPhone docking stereo, alarm clock, and kitchen timer Perfect for listening to music in the kitchen.

Why: Her favorite songs put mom in a good mood. Good moods lead to cookies and pies and other delicious treats.


The T3 Giftset The T3 ultralight, high-efficiency hair dryer with brushes, sectioning clips, and conditioner.

Why: Because your mom deserves to look fabulous.


The CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Picture Frame decorated with Swarovski Crystals

Why: Your mom needs a stylish method to display her favorite photos of you.


Brookstone Ultrasonic Jewelry and DVD Cleaner.

Why: It cleans your mom’s jewelry and movies with ease and without any chemicals. And it’s on sale for $39.95.

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