Straight from Nintendo’s media summit in San Francisco comes news of Nintendo’s extra large DS, the DSi XL, arriving on retail shelves in March at $190 a pop.

Next month.

Nintendo of America’s Cammie Dunaway told journalists at the briefing that the hardware will hit March 28 at $189.99.

The DSi XL was previously only available in Japan and features larger screens and a larger stylus, but plays all your DS games.

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  1. NookSurfer

    I really don’t understand their point. But I guess it gives them one more product to market. I was hoping for some improvements on the hardware, but from the looks of it, there isn’t.

  2. aion database

    Yeah, it’s DSi LL in Japan and it was such a hit there, it even went sold out last Christmas according to reports. I find the DSi XL chunkier but still pocketable, and I liked the classy Burgundy and Bronze finishes to the casing. I’ll probably get one. 🙂


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