According to Wedbush Morgan market analyst Michael Pachter, Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal motion-sensing technology will cost consumers anywhere between $50 and $79.

$50 for this?

Pachter believes Microsoft won’t make money on the tech itself and chose to keep its price down so the masses adopt it and Microsoft can sell games and other add-ons for it where the real money will be made.

However, after saying this, Pachter added “no one knows what Microsoft is going to do.”

"My guess is on Natal, which is really important to them, they’re going to price it at or below its cost," he said. "I think it’s hard for us to envision that it’s going to cost them $150 to make Natal. You’re really talking about software, which is an easy thing for them to distribute, and a camera."

Pachter says if the $50 price seems too good to be true, it might be, but whatever the final price is, he said, "I’d be very surprised if the thing is more than $79."

"Microsoft is not trying to make money on the device," he continued. "They’re trying to get everyone to have the device so that they can sell us other things."

Will you adopt the new tech at that price? Or do you want no part of it at all?

Personally, I haven’t been swayed yet, but I’m willing to believe.

Source: GameInformer

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