This article was written and reported by Lauren McCombs, Jessica Elford and Pasquale Augustine

LA JOLLA, Calif. — Power Behind Closed Doors has had some great opportunities to interview notable professors doing amazing work in far away places. Without referring directly to our past articles, did you ever wonder what happens to those guys who visit places that US. says don’t go to? Take the story of our Dr. Silver Fox who might have done just that recently.

We have all heard the stories of people being whisked away to debrief with the spooky, black-coat, sunglasses government officials. Lately, we’ve even heard whispers of "detention camps." Oh My! Does that really happen or is it just an urban myth, coming from the conspiracy theorists? Now we are not confirming or denying any such allegations, but Power Behind Closed Doors does believe that they can "report on the myth."

Now again, how about this possible Dr. Fox and a possible key note speech in a one of these possible countries such as Cuba . Did anyone take notice of the abnormal stamps on his passport?

Lets say for the sake of argument someone did. The question Power Behind Closed Doors ponders is "how long does it take them to get picked up and questioned?" We also ponder other questions like "how do the spooks actually go about doing it? Is it as dramatic as the movies with people in trench coats and meetings in dark corners. What about all this pushing into cars? Really now, wouldn’t it be simpler to start with a phone call?"

Are these urban legends just the work of creative conspiracy theorists or do they have a grain or truth? And if so how big is that grain?

We believe that it must start with a phone call: a very pleasant phone call from a trusted agency. A very charming female voice says, "I would just like to hear your story and tour your facilities." We feel sure that she must end that conversation and other with the appeal to national pride, "Your country needs you."

And how could you, Joe American, say no? And why would you? Joe, you are not a conspiracy theorist, are you? We should have an unwavering trust of our government, right? And so why would a professor whose only fault is loving to talk and learn about lasers say no when a similar question was posed to him.

The Power Behind Closed Doors will keep you advised of the possible unraveling of the urban legend and if detention camps are included in that grain of truth. Because, you aren’t really afraid of the big, bad wolf are you?

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