As many perceive a tightening in the special US Senate race to replace the late Edward Kennedy, President Barack Obama is urging Massachusetts voters to support her and prevent a 41st Republican vote in the senate that could curtail his domestic policy.

“I am supporting Martha Coakley. As your attorney general, she’s taken on Wall Street schemes, insurance company abuses, and big polluters,” Obama said in a statement. “She’ll be your voice, and my ally. And she needs your help.”

The special election is on Tuesday. Low turnout could swing the election toward Scott Brown, a Republican state senator from Wrentham.

“This is a special election being held at an unusual time — a lot of folks don’t even realize when it’s happening, let alone its importance,” Obama said. “So I need you to put on your walking shoes again. Knock on doors, call, email, text, and tweet — do everything we can to spread the word.”

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  1. Mary

    Martha also met with Big (actually, HUGE) Pharma on Tuesday evening in DC. Sponsors gave $10,000 each; co-sponsors $5,000 each, etc. Hosted by Kerry, et al.

    Scott Brown HAS put on HIS walking shoes and walked and driven all over the State of Massachusetts meeting and talking to residents for MONTHS while Martha’s been simply assuming the seat would be handed to her.



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