Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City has launched, so we’re in for a hell of a treat. This weekend, from Friday, Oct 30 to Sunday, Nov 1, we’ll be able to experience multiplayer in Liberty City with special gamers from Rockstar North and singer/composer Henry Santos Jetere (from Aventura). The Multiplayer experience will be FREE all weekend for people playing Grand Theft Auto IV or Episodes from Liberty City. Here’s the breakdown:

Friday, October 30: 5 — 10 p.m. ET: Game with Developers session featuring members of the Rockstar North team.

Gamertags: GwRockstar1, GwRockstar2, GwRockstar3, GwRockstar4, GwRockstar5, GwRockstar6, GwRockstar7, GwRockstar8, GwRockstar9, GwRockstar10, GwRockstar11, GwRockstar12, GwRockstar13, GwRockstar14, GwRockstar15, GwRockstar16

Saturday, October 31: Xbox LIVE All-nighter – Jump in to Xbox LIVE and play Grand Theft Auto from dusk ‘til dawn with the Xbox LIVE community.

Sunday, November 1: 3 — 5 p.m. ET: Game with Fame session featuring Henry Santos Jeter of Aventura.

Gamertag: GwFHenryHH

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s something to get you in the mood for the weekend. Here’s a character clip which highlights a new character, Luis Lopez. Luis Lopez is “Gay Tony” Prince’s personal bodyguard. He watches after Tony despite the impresario’s uncontrollable neuroses and drug problems.

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  1. Kyle

    in the second trailer, what is the song thats played (shes got the moves, hes got the groves……)???


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