The Sims 3 is set to receive its first expansion next month, “World Adventures.” The add-on will take you and your Sim to Egypt, France, and todays topic of discussion China. Simla, China, to be exact.


Here in Simla you can, for the first time ever,‚  Sims can master the Marital Arts, and Electronic Arts today released a guide for doing so.

The guide’s broken into 5 sections; Train, Practice, Center, Master, and Teach.

Train- At this stage your Sim can train at the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts, but if you’d like to practice at home,‚  a training dummy, board breaker, and books, are available for purchase to return home with. And to truly master the art, you’ll have to compete in the Grand Tournament of China and defeat several formidable opponents. Have fun!

Practice– By sparring with other Sims, your Sim will earn new outfits and colorful belts to denote their skill and aptitude in the craft. Oh, Sims, you’ve taught me if don’t have something to show for my efforts, I haven’ accomplished anything.

Center- Your Sim must obtain a focused mind become one with the universe. If you’re successful, your “Centered” Sim will earn the Teleport ability. And we’re pretty sure we know what that does.

Master- Your Sim is now so powerful he or she can summon magical elements in nature to aid in battle. Or something like that.

Teach- Who are you if you don’t spread your knowledge? A selfish Sim, that’s who! Additionally, the more Sims you train, the stronger you become.


There you have it, everything you need to know to be a Martial Arts master. The Journey begins November 16!

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