A GameStop listing that went live today points to a November 3 launch of a new and improved Xbox 360 wireless adapter, the 802.11n to be specific.

The new doohickey has two bunny ears and, as Microsoft so eloquently says‚  will “seamlessly connect with [your] home network with the highest wireless ‘N’ technology.”

I’m all for better, faster technology. With all the Netflix, online gaming, and downloading I do, I’d welcome such an advancement. But the GameStop listing points to a makes-me-want-to-hurl-at-its-absurdity- price point of $99, with the old model believed to drop only $20 to $79.99.


If you didn’t know, the new 802.11n is a notch up from the current 802.11g model, but we haven’t seen any figures that indicate just how much more useful it is.

Check out the official GameStop listing to pour salt in your already open “why didn’t you include Wi-Fi” wound.

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