Playboy has offered Kate Gosselin a whopping $400,000 to take it all off for the cameras.

According to Star magazine, Kate was not as thrilled as Heidi (Spencer was spotted distributing her Playboy cover on a plane). In fact, she turned it down in disgust. A source told Star, “Hugh sent her a letter, but Kate was totally mortified and threw it away! She didn’t think it was appropriate because of the children.”

For once, it seems Kate has learned that bad publicity isn’t always better than no publicity at all. Not that it matters, since turning down the offer actually gets her some good publicity.

And although she may be missing out on $400,000 she certainly doesn’t need it, and most likely never will. A source said, “Kate is so upset and disgusted over Jon’s cavalier ‘single guy’ behavior – and the money he’s been wasting to fund it – that she’d leave him without a penny, barefoot and homeless on the street if she could… Their divorce is just weeks away from being finalized, so she’s prepared to do all he can to insure she gets most, if not all, of the millions that are at stake.”

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