Nintendo ended August with a flurry of activity, announcing a North American release date (October 4) for Wii Fit Plus as well as a price ($19.99 in its non-bundled form). There is also going to be a black Wii Remote available this holiday season, along with a black Wii Motion Plus accessory and a (sold separately) black Nunchuk. Those three items are pretty sleek looking, as you can see in the screenshots provided; my cats broke one of my Remotes lately–apparently they can fall from high ground and survive just a few times before something goes amiss–so I’m tempted to snag one in a new color scheme when they are available.

The news is not all Wii specific though, as those of you that weren’t intrigued by the black or blue DSi’s can now take a look at the new pink and white options. These are $170, just like the other colors–the white one may be a better option this time around than it was with the DS or DS Lite, given the matte finish. The white DS sure got dirty looking when it had the glossier coat on it. You can pick up one of these new DSi’s very soon–in less than two weeks, in fact, as they release on September 13.

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