If you’ve been sitting on any Nintendo points, today is a good day to spend them. While the DSi just gets the second entry in the Brain Age: Express series, the Wii picks up two brand new titles we have heard about as well as one little gem from my childhood. Let’s start with the new stuff: Rock N’ Roll Climber is a rock climbing game that also supports the Wii Balance Board. Nintendo has announced its existence previously, but there’s very little in the way of information available about the title.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits on the other hand is a WiiWare title we know a lot about, thanks in part to an interview with Over the Top Games. The game received some great reviews upon its European release, and we will be reviewing it for you shortly as well, so keep an eye out for that as this game looks promising.

As for the nostalgic release, LucasArts has begun to release Star Wars content on the Wii this month, and they are kicking things off with Super Star Wars for the SNES. Super Star Wars may be the first game I consciously remember going to buy, as my parents usually had Santa bring me games, or got me something for my birthday. I forget why I was loaded enough to buy a game by myself, but I was, and I put a lot of playtime into that cartridge. High scores and high difficulty levels will do that to you, but I could be tempted to go through that ordeal once again. Full press release for all of these titles is after the jump.

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