Just when you thought the rumors plaguing MJ’s death couldn’t be more absurd, Reuters dug into the weirdest yet.

For whatever reason, hairs that were burnt off the fallen king’s head during the filming of a 1984 Pepsi commercial were saved, and are now being made into diamonds.

Take moment to let that one sink in.

Apparently, this is completely true. The Chicago-based company, LifeGem, extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then high-quality laboratory diamonds. LifeGem’s founder, Dean VandenBiesen said, “Absolutely this is for real.” It’s also been done before with locks of Beethoven’s hair in 2007, one of which sold for around $200,000.

Reuters confirmed this rumor after Rolling Stone magazine first let it out in the August 6 issue. That magazine article also said that MJ’s artificial nose was stolen, but that rumor has not been confirmed.

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  1. becky

    if i could i would buy his hair….u just don’t get how that man was luved by many…….and noone can ever change that…….


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