LOS ANGELES — Majesco is primed to make a run for the money with two potentially huge platformer games coming out in A Boy and His Blob and Flip’s Twisted World.

Flip takes a platform concept we saw a bit of in the latest Paper Mario iteration and just blows it out of proportion. This is a very, very difficult looking game. Even the demoer had a difficult time staying alive in the game and not plummeting to the character’s death.

In Flip’s Twisted World “It started as an ordinary boring day for Master Fulcrum’s apprentice, Flip, when he messed with the wrong magic artifact and got sucked into the crazy universe inside. Now he must fight and puzzle his way through five topsy-turvy worlds to return home and put everything back before The Master returns.”

This is a game that literally forces you to think outside the box, since the entire game world is one big cube that you have to flip around to your advantage. The goal is to get through fully 3D levels by manipulating the world. By flicking the remote, a wall in your way becomes a path to freedom and a bottomless pit becomes a useful corridor.

There are also two play styles. You can use the Wiimote and nunchuck or plug in the Gamecube controller for more traditional play. Each gives a unique challenge.

There is something very “Mario” about this game. Maybe it’s all the coins, castles and lava?

The only downfall to Flip’s Twisted World is that it’s not scheduled for release until January. It would be the perfect, wholesome holiday season gift.

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