More bombs exploded in Pakistan today, this time in the busy city of Peshawar. Two separate attacks were executed; one near a military checkpoint where a suicide bomber detonated himself and killed four soldiers, and the other in a busy market, where two motorcycles carrying time bombs exploded to kill six and injure 70, according to bomb disposal squad chief Shafqat Malik, the British Broadcasting Company reports.

The attack comes just hours after the Taliban attacked Lahore and promised more attacks on Pakistan’s urban centers in response to an increase in military offensives in Swat Valley. Pakistan’s army says it has recaptured more than 70 percent of Swat Valley’s main city, Mingora, and expects to complete the operation within days, the BBC reports.

Some of the wounded are no doubt in serious condition, suffering injuries similar to yesterday’s victims: broken bones and severe burns. Television reports, according to the BBC, show civilians dragging others out of the market to safety.

Gunmen began openly firing on police as they arrived on the scene. None have been reported dead.

Peshawar, capital of the North Western Frontier Province, has seen an increase in bomb attacks over the past few weeks. On May 16 and May 23, car bombs exploded in dense areas, killing nearly 20 people and injuring more than 100.

Yesterday’s bomb and gun attack in Lahore, which targeted police and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) buildings, killed more than 20 and injured upwards of 200 civilians.

Click here for pictures of the blast on BBC.

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