Aww, little pets are just so darn cute, but do we need more?‚  Absolutely! Well according to Electronic Arts we do.

Littlest Pet Shop Friends, the second iteration of the successful original was announced today and will hit Wii and DS this fall, this time centered on preparing a party and cooperative play.

EA is strongly pushing this game and franchise towards girls, as is expected, and is offering up 16 new pets on both Wii as DS including the Lady Bug, Great Dane, and Peacock.‚  However, little girls with a DS (and there are a LOT of you) will be treated to not one, but three titles-Littlest Pet Shot City Friends, Littlest Pet Shop Country Friends, and Littlest Pet Shop Beach Friends, each with exclusive pets only available in the specific title, a la Pokƒ©mon.

Littlest Pet Shop Friends and others are currently in development by EA Salt Lake and are expected to hit shelves this fall.‚  Oh joy.

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