Twitter, the wildly popular micro-blogging service is most useful for satiating that thirst for up to the minute updates from friends, family, and celebrity alike.‚  However, the service is also the turf for the current race to a million battle between media news heavyweight CNN and movie and TV star Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher, bewildered at his massive number of followers offered a challenge to the news giant earlier this week.‚  The terms?‚  If he hits the million mark before CNN does, he’ll ding-dong-ditch ex-CNN executive Ted Turner’s house, film it, and throw it on Youtube for all to enjoy.

Where’s the video game tie-in you ask?‚  Electronic Arts recently tweeted that if Kutcher wins, the one millionth follower (apparently that can be tracked) will be awarded every last game EA puts out in ’09 (on a specified system) and have their likeness added to The Sims 3 roster.

Currently, CNN has a large edge with over 962,860 followers compared with that of the 947,074 of Kutcher.

Maybe you didn’t like The Butterfly Effect or that 70’s show, but you certainly love mass amounts of free video games and enshrinement into The Sims legacy don’t you?

Kutcher’s Twitter

CNN’s Twitter

EA’s Twitter

Kutcher’s Youtube video describing challenge

Larry King of CNN responds to Kutcher’s challenge

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