Oh yes my friends, I can smell it, the scent of spring in the air! And for men, that means getting outdoors and showing off a new look that is fitting for a recession. Free football game in the park anyone?

Spring fashion must haves for men will have you feeling loose and free to just chill and hang with the guys, (or an easy going girl in your life) while you look for free concerts in the park, re-visit a childhood basketball court or even a throw cozy spring picnic in the park with pals.

What I think is the cream of the crop in men’s fashion this season is the more relaxed fitting jeans, shorts and pants. If you are more casual and cried over last season’s calf hugging pantsuits, not to worry. The designers this season know you are looking to chill out while leaving the more up-tight look for a special occasion.

One of my favorites for this season is a collection by Michael Bastian. There’s something about a sporty guy with a little muscle and a tan to top it off that seems sexier than ever.

Men can easily sport the wider leg pants or shorts with a little leg room to move around in. Even the hemline is a more easy fit, but not too baggy, which could have easily made this look appear “bummy.” Plus, it’s nice to see a man show a little “leg” for once, we women are tired of doing all the work! WINK WINK!

Another really cool trend with many designers this spring, including Michael Bastian, is the ability to dress up shorts or those torn up jeans with a sport coat. Have you ever seen pictures of 4-year-old boys from the 70’s wearing the short suit outfits with the socks pulled up high? Ok, well we don’t need to see your two striped knee socks now, but the look is oh so cool for a night out at your local hangout.

Designers like William Rast really hit the nail on the head with this cool, yet sophisticated look. But if you don’t have the cash you can easily make your own with an old pair of jeans you can cut down, and pair it with a suit coat you have stashed in your closet. Come on, metro sexual was a great look but for you men who are more rugged you can now be metro-hipstural! Who said you only had to wear a suit coat for weddings or funerals?

And as usual, the cool v-neck tees with retro prints are great for any style you decide to sport. One of the key components to this season’s style is wearability. If you can’t run, relax or be rugged in it, it doesn’t belong on you men this spring. Even if you are not into nature there is something very appealing about stomping through a pond if you so choose to. What man doesn’t want to enlighten his old boyish ways?

There are lots of ways to broaden your wardrobe this season, even if you mock some of the designers runway looks with your own personal touch. But most stores carry items that are similar in style, like American Eagle Outfitters who has the up to date spring must haves like t-shirts, cargo shorts and low loose jeans. Now let’s head outside and play a little flag football.

Oh, and you can take the suit coat off for that.

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Kristin Lambert is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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