While graduating students scramble to find a post-college job to keep them out of their old bedrooms in their parents’ houses, a new green jobs listing has sprung up with opportunities both here and in jolly old England.

RenewableEnergyJobs.com launched in February and has a rapidly-growing database of jobs, both here and abroad.

“Renewable energy is mainstream and deserved a site that would offer job seekers and employers the focus that they deserve and also the global reach,” said Sam Newell of Mindpool Consulting, the group behind RenewableEnergyJobs.com.‚  While the majority of the positions available on the website are based in the U.K., Newell said he expects the number of American jobs to grow faster than those worldwide.

“The numbers will balance out over time and obviously I see the U.S. as being a far larger market overall than the U.K.,” Newell said.‚  The listings go beyond England and America, with at least a dozen jobs posted for the Netherlands, Australia, France and Germany, with dozens of other positions scattered across the globe.

The site, which does not charge a registration fee for either employers or job-seekers, has experienced a groundswell of activity since its launch in February.‚  Newell said all of the postings have come without any marketing efforts on his part.

“The site has grown through word of mouth mainly,” he said.‚  But even in that short time, RenewableEnergyJobs compares favorably in job numbers to TreeHugger and GreenBiz, two renewable energy sites that are longer-established.

But Newell’s site offers something that few other sites can: the chance to work across the sea.

“The fact that we have jobs in 26 countries within 3 weeks tells me that we are doing something right,” he said.

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