More great news about the economy: the National Football League has announced that it plans to lay off 150 employees, which will equate to about 14 percent of the sports giant’s total staff of 1,100.

“These are difficult and painful steps,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a staff memo, “but they are necessary in the current economic environment.”

“I would like to be able to report that we are immune to the troubles around us, but we are not,” Goodell added.

The cuts will come at the NFL’s New York City-based headquarters, at NFL Films, and at the production facilities in Los Angeles, where and NFL Network are located.

My idea would be to apply a little socialism to the NFL and scale back the salaries of first-round busts like JaMarcus Russell, Alex Smith and Vince Young. Pay them what they are actually worth and use the millions upon millions of dollars they get from that and give it to the poor girl who just lost her job answering phones at NFL Films. Then it would be a Merry Christmas indeed.

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