This book just gets better and better.‚  Edward is confusing the hell out of me so far, which is the intent I suppose.

The love story between them is pretty classic, but the way they interact is something you usually see in movies, not read about.‚  They have this unreal connection.

Bella is obviously attracted to Edward like no one before, Edward seems attracted and also like he’s playing with her at the same time.‚  The way he keeps warning her to stay away from him, and then flipping it around and acting all charming would have any one confused.

One moment shes mesmerized by him, the next she’s frustrated and annoyed by him.‚  She’s also ridiculously accident prone.

Also, if I didn’t know he was a vampire I wouldn’t get that whole connection between him ditching the blood type Biology class, that kind of sucked since I knew why, but was cool at the same time.

I have a weird feeling something is going to happen on this beach trip to La Push, too.‚  I can’t wait to read about their trip to Seattle together.

Oh, and now that she’s started dreaming about him her obsession is only going to get worse.‚  It’s weird how Edward seems to know how everyone is feeling all the time.‚  That whole ‘I’m good at reading people’ thing is so bull, that boy is up to something.

Regardless of all the cool stuff that’s happened so far, I can’t wait for the blood sucking/vampire stuff to start.

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