More than one million copies of a forged 14-page New York Times was distributed in New York Wednesday morning, with the headline, “IRAQ WAR ENDS.”

The newspaper’s dateline reads “July 4, 2009” next year’s Independence day.‚  Symbolic I suppose, in 1776 the U.S. became an independent country and over 230 years later it liberates itself from a war that began under false pretenses.

The fake New York Times also has a website.‚  It looks astonishingly similar to the actual Times’ site; it’s even equipped with fake ads.‚  One is especially interesting, an ad for De Beers (the diamond company) reads, “Your purchase of a diamond will enable us to donate a prosthetic for an African whose hand was lost in diamond conflicts.”‚  Now wouldn’t that be something.

One headline also reads, “Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge.”‚  Now wouldn’t THAT be something.

Check out the site, there’s dozens of full articles predicticing, I guess, what could happen (in our wildest dreams) in less than a year’s time.‚  Yea right.

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