This afternoon in a showing of unity, Barack Obama was officially nominated as the Democratic Candidate for President of the United States of America in Denver.

During the roll call, where state delegations announce their votes, New Mexico yielded their time to the Illinois delegation. After announcing themselves as the home of the “next President of the United States of America,” Mayor Daley of Chicago, yielded to the state of New York – home of Senator Hillary Clinton. In a showing of unity, Senator Hillary Clinton, after the state announced themselves, motioned to suspend the rules, count all delegate votes, and nominate Senator Barack Obama by acclamation.

With a loud cheer from the floor and no opposition, Barack Obama was nominated the Democratic Candidate for President. The Democrats, despite the bitter ending of their primaries, have a story book ending with a unified nomination on the Convention Floor. The party has been reunited for the common goal of winning the White House in November, despite the battles over the past few months.

Senator Obama will give his acceptance speech tomorrow evening at Invesco Field.

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