Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that Brett Favre (a QB who played for the Green Bay Packers for many years) currently plans to take the big-money “marketing” deal offered by the Packers. This would mean that Favre retired, un-retired and then retired again.

Schefter points out that the decision isn’t final. Sigh. says that they are hearing that if Favre does decide to show up, the Packers plan to put him on the bottom of the depth chart, continue to try to trade him and if they can’t, then cut him the day before the season opener.

UPDATE: I knew I shouldn’t have written this post in the first place. Now, according to several reports, Favre has been reinstated and is scheduled to head to Green Bay shortly. I was excited for Sunday night football, but now I see that’s going to be even more Favre-dominated than before.

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