Here’s what I’ve been able to gather so far on the soon-to-be-released Rock Band for the Wii.

As for Wii Connectivity, there will no online play on the Wii. With the current dearth of support for online play on the Wii, this isn’t surprising.

Even though Nintendo tried to push Wii as an online system, except for Virtual Console games and Wii Ware, this  seems to be lagging way behind.

The will also be no DLC, since Nintendo hasn’t used the Wii store for DLC for games yet. This is a shame but isn’t surprising either.

The Wii version of Rock Band will be offering five extra songs to make up for these lacking features. It is still unannounced which five extra songs they will be though.

The Wii’s drums have been rebranded for the Wii, making them white.

None of these accessories will require a Wii Mote to work. This is opposed to the Guitar Hero 3 Guitars that require a Wii-Mote plugged into them.  The guitars are similar to the PS3/PS2. This should make the Rock Band for the Wii a great deal for anyone that only has a Wii. or if the Wii is more convenient for family playing, or with local friends.

If you have a PS3, or 360 though you may still want to get one of those for the downloadable extras.

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