Get your hiking gear ready — we’ve got conquesting to do.

Sierra Online, the studio behind a number of Xbox Live titles including Switchball and Assault Heroes 2 announced Monday that it would be bringing popular card game Lost Cities to the Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

Designed in 1999, Lost Cities places players in the shoes of explores as they lead expeditions to one of the game’s five “lost cities” (The Himalayas, The Brazilian Rain Forrest, The Dessert Sands, The Ancient Volcanoes and Neptune’s Realm).

Lost Cities is widely known as a fast-paced game, with anywhere from 2-4 participants playing and discarding cards representing each of the expeditions. When a player or team decides to undertake an expedition, it garners points by playing a series of increasing value.

Lost Cities won the 2000 International Gamers Award, given to the best in strategy board and historical simulation games. More information on the rules of Lost Cities can be found at

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