Don Bouchard had many interests and passions outside the audio/visual world, of which he was an integral part.

He had a great affinity for wine, music, literature and scuba diving. His friends say he was also very much into Native American culture, photography and travel writing.

He was especially fond of his motorcycle club, La Familia/Los Carnales that was based in Texas.

Shortly before Christmas, we reported that Don Bouchard, executive vice president of sales and marketing at high-end audio/video cable maker Ultralink was injured in a motorcycle accident in Texas. Mr. Bouchard died Thursday from his injuries.

“His injuries were too severe and he was unable to recover from them,” said Jim Noyd of Noyd Communications in a statement Sunday. “He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and business colleagues, who saw him as one of the brightest lights in the industry.”

Mr. Bouchard was born on February 3, 1950. He started in the A/V business in 1972. He worked with Ohm Acoustics, Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, Red Rose Music, Denon and Cello.

An eloquent man, Noyd said he was also a sought after motivational speaker whose client list included the names IBM, HP and Merrill Lynch.

Around the time of his 50th birthday in 2000, Mr. Bouchard wrote the following:

Finite and Infinite.

The one commodity that I know we possess in only a finite quantity is Time. We have an infinite capacity for experience, for knowledge, for adventure, for stimulation, for pleasure, for joy, for passion, for love – limited only by time and temperament. Sooner or later, the clock will run out for all of us. I know that when that moment arrives for me; I will not welcome it. There will yet be, for me, books unread, wine un-drunk, meals uneaten, mountain roads un-ridden, reefs unexplored, desert vistas unappreciated, cigars un-smoked, friends unknown, sunsets unseen, love unfulfilled. Awareness of the ticking-clock nature of life causes me no distress. Rather, it enhances the experience and heightens my appreciation of every savored moment.

But, though I will not leave here willingly, it will be with the certain knowledge that never did I pass upon the opportunity for these things. I shall never say ­ “I only wish that I had done this or that when I could have”. For I did everything possible when I could do so. My only regret will be that I had not had additional time in which to do more.

Mr. Bouchard leaves his two children Don III and Rebecca; his mother, Doris; his brothers Jeff and Mike, several nephews and a niece.

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  1. rui calado

    i met Don 11 years ago when i was cello distribuitor in Portugal,we had great time together,and he enjoyed very much the good food the fantastic wine and doing great business with us.
    every time i went to ces in vegas i looked for him and we speaked for a while,we was allways happy to see me.
    we was a great man and a fantastic person,i´m very sorry he left so soon.
    my regards to all his family and friends.

    rui calado


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