Shinywhitebox’s iShowU screen recording software really packs a lot of power for a low price. I just recently upgraded to a Macintosh computer, and have been looking for a great screen-recording program that can capture both audio and video, but my choices have been quite limited. I’ve tried a few free-based programs such as Jing and Display Eater, but nether lived up to my expectations. Then I discovered iShowU.

Essentially iShowU is an application for the Macintosh platform that captures your computing activity and outputs it to common video formats. This piece of software is especially useful for providing quick tips, tutorials or addressing simple computing problems, while offering the viewer an optimal experience of being able to actually see a detailed view of what’s going on — far superior to reading standard text directions.

The installation process went exceptionally well. I was able to get the application up and running in a matter of a few minutes. Once the program launched, I was surprised on how easy and well set up the interface looked. The interface provides an exceptional experience that caters to both the standard user and the advanced user. On the left hand side is an array of video quality presets, which can easily be adjusted to fit the user’s needs. Separated on the right, is a more advanced pane which lets, the more experienced users adjust, audio quality, input devices, video frame rates, scale size, compression settings and more.

Once the output settings are complete, iShowU gives you the ability to select what you want to be recorded. Users can select from the available presets or drag a custom box around the subject to be recorded. Once finished, click the record button and you’re off. iShowU will even give you a countdown before it records. When the recording process is complete iShowU will open up the video up for playback and save the completed work.

I decided to put the product to the test by making a few short videos, tweaking settings such as quality, compression and more. The finished videos looked great and the product preformed as expected. I was then able to easily upload the video off to YouTube for the world to see.

My overall experience with iShowU was great. The product met my expectations and preformed well for the $20 price tag. One feature that I would like to see is the ability to place arrows or small captions in the recording. If you are looking to screen cast or help friends/family I recommend iShowU for your entire screen casting needs.

Quick hits:

Publisher: Shinywhitebox
Developer: Shinywhitebox
Platform: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
Genre: Utility
Launch Date: October 26, 2006 (New version on November 26, 2007)

Overall: [rating:4/5]

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