Popular puzzler, Bust-A-Move is under development for North American mobile devices later this year.

“Classic puzzle games with networking options are a natural fit for the mobile platform,” said Keiji Fujita, producer of Bust-A-Move: Mobile Mania. “Fans who remember playing these games on consoles and in the arcades can have the same great play experience on their mobile handsets.”

Mobile Mania will have a multiplayer mode, letting players compete over different phones and devices remotely over their mobile networks.

“Bust-A-Move: Mobile Mania features the same addictive gameplay that made the franchise a hit in arcades and living rooms around the world,” Taito said in a statement this week. “In addition to the multi-colored bubble popping frenzy that has enthralled fans for years, Bust-A-Move: Mobile Mania adds an all-new network option that allows limitless fun as players can compete with friends and family across other mobile phones.”

Bust-A-Move: Mobile Mania will be available on AT&T and T-Mobile this fall and other major carriers in early 2008, the company said. Pricing has yet to be determined.

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