Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters is a fast-paced word creation puzzle game that combines the concept of his famous TV show "Wheel of Fortune" with more challenging word puzzles in crossword form.

The game is divided into three challenges that are not necessarily unique from one another. They all revolve around the concept of guessing letters in order to solve a word or phrase; the only difference from "Wheel of Fortune" being that you are solving words and phrases in crossword form rather than in fragment or sentence form.

The first game you play is Lucky Letters. You are presented with a blank crossword puzzle and must spin the wheel in order to guess a letter. The wheel selects a random blank spot in the puzzle which you must try and solve. You earn more points when you correctly guess one of the "lucky letter" spots. You are given a hint that is usually helpful when trying to figure out the word or phrase.

These crossword games are very fast paced, with seven difficulty levels that correspond to the days of the week. Monday is the easiest, with Tuesday being more difficult and so on, until you reach the Championship on Saturday. Each day has a puzzle theme.

Lucky 10 is the second game that is unlocked once you master the Lucky Letters game. Lucky 10 is similar to Lucky Letters in format, but more difficult as you try to solve as much of the crossword as possible with only 10 letter guesses.

Lucky Players is the third game that is merely Lucky Letters with 2 player capabilities that you can play with a friend or family member. This is a great idea in theory but may be awkward to play with two people on one computer, as the game does not provide the ability to play your opponents online.

The games are fun and can be mentally stimulating, as you attempt to unscramble words and piece together incomplete phrases. The only levels that are actually challenging are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the earlier days being good only for purposes of learning how to play the game. It is exciting to spin the wheel and find out how much you can earn off each letter guess or word solve.

Pat Sajak plays your peppy yet annoying host who keeps popping out of nowhere to deliver you tips on how to improve you game and makes incredibly corny jokes. The upside is that you can turn off the "tips" mode and make Mr. Sajak go away.

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