This game calls to mind a cross between Meteos and Space Invaders. The object of the game is to stop the monsters from getting to the bottom of the screen. The top screen is the playing field, whereas the bottom screen is for directing the attack at the monsters. Near the bottom is a barrier that stops them, but each time a monster hit’s the it, the barrier gets weaker. With one too many hits, the barrier disappears. The player loses when a monster gets to the bottom of the screen.

The game is played by clicking on a color at the bottom, and then either clicking it to let it fly vertically, or directing it by moving it in the desired direction with the stylus, and then letting it go. It a bit like throwing a ball from the bottom screen to the top. The nice thing about the game is that the player can move the ball anywhere on the bottom screen before throwing it. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to give much time to direct the balls before monsters start bombarding the barrier. The player can also move the mouse across the bottom to shoot off one ball of each type straight up. The colors are important, too; if a monster is hit with their own color, they are weakened or destroyed. If they are hit with a different color they often multiply, so the point of the game is to hit them with the right color.

Overall, Monster Bomber is a good puzzle game. A major downside is the color coding; it makes it hard to hit a monster on the opposite side of the screen. The games earns a 4 out of 5. If you like puzzle games give it a try.

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