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Blast staff writer Farah Fard is a writer and producer who works mainly with music and educational media. When she is not at work or writing about music, she plays the drums in an indie jazz band. She enjoys sci-fi, prefers to sing show tunes while she cleans, and consumes an obscene amount of seltzer water. You can follow more of her writing and music on Twitter at @LaParadiddle.

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2013 Blast Holiday Gift Guides: Music

2013 Blast Holiday Gift Guides: Music 1

Happy Holidays from Blast Magazine. As we close out our sixth year, we’re putting together a series of holiday gift guides to get you into the holiday money-spending season! We start with… The 2013 Music Gift Guide Amazon.com Widgets With new music discoveries always on the horizon via resources like Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, and more,(…)

Janelle Monáe brings it to House of Blues Boston

Janelle Monáe brings it to House of Blues Boston 8

It was a little nerdy, funky, energetic, thought provoking, joyous, inspiring, and theatrical. That would be last Wednesday’s Janelle Monáe concert at the Boston House of Blues. I truly wish I had started listening to Monáe’s music sooner in life. When I finally checked out Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) and The ArchAndroid, I was in awe. Monáe had combined a(…)

Let’s Step Out 0

This year marks the 22nd year of one of Boston’s most exciting musical festivities, Steppin’ Out, a fundraising and gala event. Based on Boston’s rich musical history (Boston boasts one of the oldest choral companies in the United States, and one of the most acoustically exact concert halls in the world), Steppin’ Out focuses on(…)