A Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted a Chelsea man on Thursday of stabbing his mother’s boyfriend to death during a fight at their Chester Avenue home two years ago.

Eugene Teixeira, 23, was convicted on manslaughter for the April 29, 2008 stabbing death of Cleo Wiggins.

Jurors found Teixeira’s brother, Aasim Smith, now 18, not guilty.

“Prosecutors had argued during the two-week trial that Teixeira fatally stabbed Wiggins and that Smith, who allegedly wielded a baseball bat but was kept away from Wiggins by a family friend, shared his deadly intent,” prosecutors said.

But a jury only believed Teixeira was guilty.

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  1. maria talendio

    my comment is this i was there those boys protected there mother they had no choice that shadeed cleo whatever was a monster he use to beat that poor lady up every night verbally abuse her and everything . he hit her with trash cans, scooters, threw her down the stairs to me justice has been served on him. he should of kept his hands to himself. i dont understand how a jury could find that hero guilty. shame on the jury!


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