Dear Santa,

I know my behavior this year has not always been desirable but I really am trying hard to be a very good girl!

As you know, I haven’t had the best relationship with my car since we came into each other’s lives over the summer. Tomorrow, she is currently going in for service yet again for the same issue. I am asking you to oversee resolution on this stressful subject so I can stop making the 50 mile trek to the dealer or give me the satisfaction of using my right to enact the Lemon Law. You know this is what I really want, so help a girl out and there will be a lot less complaining coming from my end of the world!

If I do end up keeping her, there are a few things that I would like to pamper her with.

  1. K&N Air filter
  2. Tint the widows, more for me but I feel as if I am the last person in Florida to not have them but she will look pretty with them done
  3. Valentine One radar detector. I know, more for me then her
  4. Weekly "Spa" treatments. So can you limit the rain fall to only the day before she is to be washed instead of an hour after she has been?
  5. Have Nissan agree to cancel my extended warranty and putting the credit towards my account instead of the principle so I can skip some car payments. Okay, another more for me then her….

If for some reason, all goes well and I am able to move on to something else … which would be the very best Christmas present ever … I promise to keep the new car for at least 3 years, love and adore her no matter what since I seek a car that has few service issues in their history and not to bad mouth her in any way.

I say this with eyes, fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed.

Love always,


Ps. Can I also have that totally badass Shelby slot car racetrack sold at Restoration Hardware too? I promise to share with the boys!

Pps. Do not fret, my nonautomotive list will follow shortly!

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