Got your copy of Beaterator? Mastered all the skills yet? Awesome. We have good news for you! Rockstar Games is announcing the Beaterator Band Challenge, a competition that offers millions of artists and bands on Myspace the chance to win $5,000 (!) by creating a track using the song crafting tools provided in Beaterator. To enter, just go and fill out an entry form. Rockstar Games will choose up to 100 bands for the semi-finals. These bands will be provided with a PSP system and a copy of Beaterator. Each semi-finalist who submits a track will be showcased on the website and then people who visit Mypace and IGN will have the chance to vote for their favorite songs. In addition to winning $5,000, the winning track will be featured on the PlayStation Network and Myspace homepages. So get cracking!

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